Freshman Composition Project

Jay Barnica
Dr. Kim McCollum-Clark
English 667: Seminar in Teaching Writing
Spring 2017

Dear Dr. McCollum-Clark,


I have designed this website as a personal resource which I might update as I move forward in my studies and mature in my thinking. Perhaps one day I will find myself teaching in a college classroom, and I will bring some boots-on-the-ground experience to bear on the project. That would be helpful because as I come to the end of the website's first iteration, it strikes me that lack of experience was the greatest hurdle to thinking through the freshman composition syllabus. So much depends on having a feel for classroom dynamics and having a sense of one's own rhythms and proclivities as an instructor: assessment methodology, types of assignments, scaffolding and sequencing approaches, appropriate workloads for the students (and the instructor!).


In addition to the syllabus, which I have annotated with my teaching philosophy and methodology, I have included a section detailing the "stuff" I still need to know, which is longer than I had hoped. I suppose no one ever gets over that hump... maybe Katie Wood Ray? There is an annotated bibliography of all the texts I have read over the past school year that inform my pedagogic choices. The bibliography serves as the reference point for any parenthetical references. I have included a (future) reading list of articles that crossed my path in researching this project, articles which I want to read but have not yet had the time. Finally, I have collated a list of online resources that I found useful and wanted to keep in mind.


All of the major sections of the website, including my teaching philosophy annotations, are available as single-document PDFs below this letter.


Thank you for a great semester. Writing pedagogy has become something of a fascination for me in my two semesters at Millersville, so your class truly proved a sweet spot. I have learned so much, both as a writer and potential instructor.





P.S. You mentioned in class that you are perhaps interested in finding a permanent home on the internet for your (copious) class materials. If you think something like this site might serve your purposes, I would be happy to help you put that together in the coming school year, either on my own time or using graduate assistantship hours.

Pedagogy Annotations.pdf
Annotated Bibliography.pdf
Reading List.pdf


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